One for the money (2002), two for the show (2003), three to get ready (2004) and four to go cat go, (2005). That's right four bountiful botrytis vintages in a row! Have Mercy!


The Sauvignon comes from the trusted "Scarf Vineyard" in Calistoga. Harvested November 2, 14 pickers, 6 hours, 3 tons at 34.5 Brix. Leans towards tropical higher pitched tones, contributing pineapple peach and ginger notes.


The Semillon is from the doomed "Nelson Vineyard" in Alexander Valley. Harvested November 27, the vines were grafted to chardonnay the following spring. But what a feast it was, picking most everything in sight, 12 sets of hands, 4 hours, 3.5 tons at 44° Brix. Hot Damn! Pounds out those bass riffs with pear, fig and melon with a touch of fennal.


Fermented and aged 15 months in barrel (30% new), the finished wine has 12.4% residual sugar, 7.8 grams per liter of laser like acidity, 3.78 ph and 14.3% alcohol.


486-12/375 cases produced

25 - 12/750


Of course I saved enough high octane juice to make 2 barrels of "DLX". 85% Semillon, 15% Sauvigion Blanc. What can I say DELUXE! Are your taste buds up the challenge?




Enjoyment guaranteed ! !

2005 Special Select


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