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2005 is the fourth and final vintage of “DLX” to be crafted. Yield was limited to two new toasty oak barrels. This vintage has the highest proportion of Semillon (85%) of the four. Harvested November 27th at 44° brix from the “Nelson Vineyard” near Geyserville. The Sauvignon (15%) picked November 2nd at 38° brix is from the “Scarf Vineyards” in Calistoga. The finished wine has 15.8% residual sugar, 15.1% alcohol, 8.2 g/l laser like acidity, and 3.79 pH.


So this must be what it's like to drink a marmalade gold Rolls Royce. Velvety smooth ride, comfy and warm, soft leather, walnut trim, surround sound, yet plenty of power at your fingertips. Aromatic visions, musical flavors.


1188 375 ml bottles produced


P.S. Yes there is a slight deposit of tartrates (unstable tataric acid) in the bottle. Not to worry, it's a natural occurrence and completely harmless.

2005 DLX